Quality Electric And Lubricant Products

Quality Electric And Lubricant Products

Quality Electric And Lubricant Products

Keeping you Moving with Fast Solutions

Aries Supplies

Over the years Aries Supplies has remained committed to providing our customers in the shipping and freight industry with quality enterprise level electric and lubricant products at great prices.

Our main focus is on service and the availability of our products plus the full range of items in these lines as required. We know how important it is to keep your major industrial equipment running so that any downtime is kept to a minimum and we’ll have you up and running again quickly.


Aries Supplies only maintains relationships and purchases manufacturers’ products from world-class companies.

Quality and reliability is critical to keep you moving and that’s why we take the time to research and find the perfect parts for your equipment. We know the market and where to get the parts you need fast.

Our Brands

ABB/Baldor Motors

sales & service



PTLX Global

High Powered LED Light Fixtures. – sales

Spohn & Burkhardt

authorized sales & services for British Columbia

TVH Americas

  • Baumer Hübner – sales
  • Bender – sales
  • DBI Sala Fall Protection Products – sales
  • Elastic Shock Cord – sales
  • ESL Power Systems – sales
  • Electro Motors – sales
  • Electro-Meters – sales
  • Encoder Products – sales
  • Federal Signal – sales
  • Fusetek – sales
  • Genesis Lamps – sales
  • Henkel (Loctite) – sales
  • Lloyds Laboratories – sales
  • LPS Laboratories – sales
  • Lube Corp. – sales
  • National Cable Specialists – sales
  • Paynes Marine Group – sales
  • RAM Mounting Systems Inc. – sales
  • RVA Lighting and Masts – sales

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Aries provides a wide range of heavy duty equipment to customers that include: Controllers, control stations, resistors, starters, in addition to a broad spectrum of controls for all types of transport machinery for all types of construction and shipping cranes.
At Aries Supplies, we know how important it is to keep your equipment running and that is why we maintain the highest standards and provide our clients with only the best parts.

We source and purchase from only the leading manufacturers in the world with proven products for your equipment. If you need it , we can get it from the leaders at a competitive price.

Years Established

Completed Projects

We’ve Been in Business For Over 16 Years

We are proud of our personal service and attention to detail that makes sure the parts are ready if needed and our customers are running smoothly. Whatever the part, service or need, we make sure the best products in the world at the best prices are delivered again and again.

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