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Juggernaut LED Mast Light


Most powerful LED Marine flood light built solely for performance and durability. With ~ 130,000 lumen, the Juggernaut delivers superior illumination penetration while withstanding the harshest environments associated with Industrial and Maritime applications.

Colossus LED Mast Light


The Colossus, with two performance packages, lives up to its name in both power and performance. With both 600W and 750W options, this fixture delivers over 110 lumens for watt. Crafted from solid aluminum, the Colossus is the most impressive Heavy-Industrial flood fixture manufactured today.

Titan 540 LED Mast Light

Titan 540

The Titan 540W fixture is the ultimate and only LED replacement option to currrent forward-facing High Pressure Sodium lighting. Wattage is cut in half without any sacrifice in lumen output. With a custom slip fitter mounting bracket, installation could not be easier.

PX64 Heavy Industrial LED Fixture


The PX64 Flood Light offers an unparalleled level of illumination and durability. Designed for areas and environments requiring significant lighting, the PX 64 and our new PX64HO offers over 34,000 and ~40,000 effective lumen respectively. It is an unprecedented Flood light for Industrial applications.

PX80 Industrial LED Fixture


The PX-80 is our fully optimized, high-output, heavy-duty LED flood light designed to provide significant area lighting. The PX-80 have been used to replace 1000W metal-halide or HPS lights in primarily Mining and Marine applications.

PX18 Marine LED Fixture


Unlike any other line voltage fixture in its class, the PX18 is built with a custom designed, state-of-the-art internal driver achieving exceptional performance and efficiency characteristics. The PX18 has outperformed many competitor fixtures boasting 16,000 -18,000 lumen.

Titan 150/120 Industrial LED

Titan 150/120

The Titan 150 and 120 Deck Lighting Fixtures have establishing themselves with trust, reliability, and illumination in all Marine applications. The Titan series far outperforms it's waterproofing ratings and provides the brightest and most even light distribution from any other fixture in it's class.

PX16 High Powered LED

PX16 Quadra

Outfitted with the markets highest performing CREE diode, the XHP70, the PX16 Quadra yields an unprecedented 125 effective lumen per watt. This fixture is a favorite among Tug & Barge, Heavy Equipment Machinery, and Off Road/Overland enthusiasts.

PX12 High Powered LED Fixture


The PX-12 is our world-class, fully optimized mobile LED lighting solution for use on most heavy-duty equipment. It is designed to replace OEM 500W Halogen and Quartz fixtures.

PX06 Industrial LED Fixture


Designed for Industrial Vehicles that require large amounts of illumination but have limited space, this fixture is a perfect fit. Not only is its durability ideal for Heavy Machinery, its Ingress Protection rating makes it very applicable to any Marine environment.

PX04 Marine LED Fixture


Perfect for Heavy Machinery, it produces @ 4X the illumination than a standard OEM Halogen fixture and is designed for ultimate durability and reliability. Can be used in Marine, Heavy construction, Drilling and other applications that require a reliable, high performance LED fixture.

VX517 LED Spot Light


The VX series light is a perfect LED replacement fixture for fleet trucks, forklifts and maintenance vehicles where glare reduction is important within their field of operation. The 517 provides a perfect circular optical pattern, making it easy for the operator to fix the illumination specifically to where it’s needed most.

Hydra LED Tube Light System

Hydra Tube Light System

The Hydra System is designed to operate in areas where lighting is difficult due to water ingress, chemical exposure, or a punishing environment. It is an extremely durable fixture that has the highest Ingress Protection ratings available.

LED Wallpack


Surround your building with light to improve your curb appeal, ensure the safety of customers and workers, and prevent theft from the exterior perimeter. Each unit angles up 45° for greater coverage surrounding the facility. The PTLX Wallpack will help you both see and be seen.

LED Street Light

Street Lighting

Ensure every parking lot, street, bike path, trail, alley, or runway is properly illuminated 24/7 with this adjustable Street Light luminaire. Using an ultra bright Bridgelux C.O.B. array and powered by a state of the art Meanwell driver, this fixture will provide approximately 80,000 hours of light.

LED High Bay

High Bay Lighting

Provide your warehouse or workbay with bright and uniform light distribution with this High Bay Unit. The wide range of beam patterns this fixture provides ensures that the entire area will be fully covered. With simple eye bolt mounting hardware, installation is fast and easy.

Linear LED

Linear LED

Whether you are lighting an automotive shop, warehouse, or office space, this fixture provides an incomparably even light distribution pattern. The sleek design makes it a much more attractive option to most industrial fixtures, and still outshines the competition.

LED Chain Light

TX LED Series

This IP68 chain light has the flexibility and durability to provide illumination in any space where traditional fixtures are problematic.

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